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Disneyland! Disneyland!

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Done to fucking death

For christ's sakes, I swear by now I've seen more images where the message is "This portrayal of a banal inoffensive corporate mascot is not consistent with the corporation's intention" than I have straightforward images of these characters.
Hell, I've read in two biographies now that even the very animators who worked on the original Disney cartoons would draw stacks of these. I dunno why you felt the need to do something so uncreative.

Comick responds:

What can I say, I am attracted to the old cartoon style but I like to distort and pervert it to make my own visual's really more about a giant freakish Mickey eating kids rather than a corporate icon message. But yeah that's too bad you didn't like it. I'm actually surprised you didn't like it Servomoore, considering you saw that I love using this kind of imagery in my paintings and you gave such a nice compliment for that one in my journal.